Energy Tuning Rituals

I woke up this morning and felt spent. I was on the go and even though I had plenty of time I became anxious and easily frusterated with my tasks at hand. Not only that but I remembered what this day marks in our political system. Between my home life, private practice, part-time job and re-branding myself and business, I find myself overwhelmed. Overwhemed with what’s on my plate as well as the rest of the worlds.

So when everything feels a bit crazy, what do you do? When you feel like you have no time, how do you manage? When you feel helpless, how do you react? When you can recognize your crisis you can learn to refocus your energy in a better fashion. We need to keep growing and looking to the future. Help ourselves, which we can. Look to a new way and move on from the past. Learn from your experiences and mistakes and grow. Don’t let anything hold you back from changing your life for the better.

All of our energies our linked in a cosmic web. We can feel the shifts of the planet, we can feel the pain of people across the world, we can fell danger and so on. So when we feel a bit off, believe me when I say it is probably not just you. Here are a few Rituals or Practices to bring yourself and your surroundings back into energetic alignment! Enjoy.


Energy Tuning Rituals:

1.Tapping Technique: There are many forms out there. One easy one to follow is:

Tap lightly 6x on:

-your third eye between your brows

-the apples of your cheeks

-on the top of your sternum

-on the inside and outside of one wrist

-on the inside and outside of the other wist

Baths: Epsom salt and essential oil bath. Teatree, chamomile, geranium and ylang ylang are a few nice single oils you could use. Not many people take baths, but when they start they dont stop. You will fell energetically cleansed, energized and nurtured.

Journaling: It’s not a bad idea to have a place you like to write about your thoughts and feelings. In fact it is such a therapeutic experience to relax, sit and write about yourself. Good or bad, you will benefit.

Yoga or Stretching: I dont know how many times I have heard someone say they feel so much better after stretching. We expect a lot from our bodys why not give back and live a little easier. Even 5-15 minutes in the morning is a fantstic practice.

Get Out: Get out into nature by taking a nice hike. Your mind can settle and benefit from the scenery and your body can work. Two in one. Breathe deep and enjoy.

Get Creative: We are creative beings, don’t forget that. Let yourself play, let yourself enjoy, let yourself experiment. Dance, sing, paint, whatever your heart desires.

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