I have been practicing in Boulder, Colorado for 7 years as an authentic Practitioner of Natural Medicine; working closely with Herbs, Bodywork, Core Synchronism, Fire Cupping, Iridology, Naturopathy, Movement and Sound.

My roots are in Estonia, a small European country where I fell in love with nature, animals, herbs, health, weaving, dance, music and ritual.  Estonians have a deep appreciation of nature, seasons, and a holistic view of human and natural patterns. I bring this ancestral knowledge to my practice through folk medicine and ritual. In the future, I plan on starting a small wellness retreat center devoted to the arts on my farm there.

My childhood was far from normal. I grew up with deep scars: mentally, physically and emotionally and was blessed with the opportunity to experience and grow into the person and practicioner I am today. I was given up at birth in a post-soviet country, had my first surgery at 2 days old, was lucky to survive mono as an orphan and then fortunate enough to find my forever family.  I began my adventure healing my scars from birth and found myself a natural when I was drawn to the healing arts as a young adult. Following my heart and challenging the norm, I have since been immersed in the world of gentle folk people looking to help others.

I believe I am here to bring lightness and love back to the world one person, animal and plant at a time. I was meant to go through what I did so I could be the person and practicioner I am today. Through my own experience, culture, compassion and sensitivity, I find a deep passion to share my offerings to individuals and groups inspired to heal their scars and follow their hearts.

Much Love.

Juulia Ilves