Check-In To Yourself

Stress and emotions have been high, but it is finally time to settle in and bring forth something new and transform ourselves for the better. So much has already happened this year, it’s hard to believe it is only March. I have been noticing a lot of people being extra emotional and confused. Makes sense with the state of our world. There are many things that we can actually do. We can implement change practically anywhere within our scope. With ourselves, our loved ones, our government and the world. Integrating a holistic lifestyle will be for the better of yourself, your loved ones, your government and the world. But I imagine you already knew that ;).

So what does that mean? Let’s really look at a few things, it may be nice for you to write this down. Rate each question on a scale of 1-10, 1 being bad/no and 10 being good/yes.

-How is your over-all wellbeing?

-How is your stress level?

-Do you enjoy your job?

-Do you consider yourself a healthy eater?

-Do you exercise?

-Do you go out in nature?

-Do you find time for you family, hobbies and self-care?

-Do you drink enough water?

-Do you cook at home?

Look at your answers! If a lot of your answers are on the lower end you may want to consider some lifestyle changes. There is nothing like taking control of your body and getting great results. If you are on the higher end congratulations, keep up the good work. You can change yourself tremendously with commitment but there are also people out there who can help you along your way.

I revisit these questions often and honestly, really sitting and asking myself how I feel. I hope this to be a tool to use to connect with yourself on a more deep and regular basis.

Juulia Ilves BCTMB

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