The Healer vs. The Teacher

Since I can remember I was taught to be a helper. I wanted to help the planet by helping people, animals and the environment. I wanted to be respected and sought out for my abilities to help those in need. As I grew into the practitioner I am today, I have finally left that belief behind. Not that of helping others but that of being able to help everyone. Something I had to learn fast was not everyone needs or wants my help even when was I am eager to give it. Kind of selfish on my end isn’t it? But my younger self was still growing to understand more about this world, its patterns and the beings that inhabit it. People seek me out because I am a great practitioner of natural therapeutics, and this growth and understanding has made me a better person. But I believe this is impart having that want and being able to release it. I wanted to be a healer, now all I want is to be a teacher. 

A healer is many things and I don’t believe I am one or will ever be. I have learned and practiced for many years the art of natural therapeutics and the ability to heal ones self. Who am I to say I can heal you? I can’t heal you, but you can! Your intelligence of being alive, being you, being a descendant of our ancestors, having a mind and body that functions, maybe even living many lifetimes, is the ultimate answer. 

We as humans are so desperate to find someone who can help us. Not to say, not to go to the doctor, the naturopath or the bodyworker when you need help and support but of taking responsibility for your own wellbeing and health. Knowing what is happening and trying your best to mend it for your best interest. Looking and listening deeper to your body, mind and spirit instead of finding a quick fix. A quick fix doesn’t actually help us in the long run, our body was trying to tell us something important and we kind of cut it off. Look, we are not perfect and I know most if not all of us have done this before.

There is a fine line that is crossed far more often than not in this time and society of being a human being. We look for people we can blame, we look for people to take care of us and feel our pain, we look for people to take responsibility for our mistakes, so on and so forth. This is a weighted conversation, because in all honesty it feels easy to blame, it feels good to be comforted and these aren’t terrible things. What they are, are patterns we fall into. We want control of ourselves and the way to do that is to take full responsibility. I found the moment I released, “I need to be able to heal this person” I could help them on a deeper level and a large burden, which wasn’t actually mine, was lifted off my shoulders. This gave me the peace of mind to give my full attention and support to someone who knows they are the only one who can actually make a change in their life. 

Now let’s talk about the teacher. What an honor to be respected enough that people will sit and listen to you, ask you questions, practice and grow themselves from your teachings. How good does it feel when someone ask you for your advice and wisdom? ‘‘What would you do?’’ Not everyone can be a teacher, in fact I have met many who would be better of not teaching. I actually believe even the best of the best should continue their education. No matter who you are, we truly are life long learners and I have yet to meet a person who knows it all. Something that has taken me many years of trial and error is not to put anybody or any practice on a pedestal. I have sought to find the true way, the one way, the constant, but there is none. Which was difficult for me to swallow. I kept getting disappointed when I disagreed with certain things within different practices or beliefs. Then I finally figured it out, it was very simple actually. My being, my heart and my practices didn’t fall under any one discipline. The world isn’t made from one thing, but hundreds of thousands of combinations of unique, beautiful and hard realities and lessons. What works for you? What fills you up? What has you living your best and healthiest life? Most likely it’s not just one thing. 

I have followed many practices and beliefs under many teachers from around the world. I have learned the best life lessons from my teachers and continue to. Some have been great experiences even sometimes rough. Others have been mind bogglingly terrible. I invested my mind and heart into the people and practices and have had my heart ripped out. Though, I take full responsibility for it, I understand it was me who put myself into these situations, and boy did I learn a lot! I have experienced teachers who are looking for followers and people to control and some of the great ones are looking to impact the world and its beings in a positive way. Everything that I have experienced even if difficult beyond belief has made me the educator I am today. I know who I want to be and who I don’t want to be and every breath and step leads me on my journey to grow as a human being, practitioner and teacher of natural therapeutics. I take full responsibility of my health, wellbeing, mistakes and choices I make.

Lets learn from each other and create a world where we can lead by example, by being our own beautiful selves and taking full responsibility for what matters most! May we all be blessed with a lifetime of love, happiness and many many lessons!


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