New Year. New Day.

It is a new year and a new day! The flatirons are covered in snow and the clouds are low. We are all tucked away at work, school or home. What a wonderful time of year to grab a cup of tea, sit down, set intention, refect, serve yourself and maybe light a candle.


I decided to sit and write down my thoughts while I had a break at work. I even made a fun folded paper forune teller that had my resolutions on it. When we are able to sit back and relax we can connect more easily with our inner selves as well as the divine. We can create magic, manifest and set intention on  a deep soul level. Our energies and vibrations connect to those of the heavens and Earth.

So what do you need to get out? What do you want to accomplish? Have you set you resolutions for this New Year? Thats a great place to start.  I leave it at that, short and sweet. Now it is your turn.  Enjoy.

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