Fire Cupping Therapy

By far, Fire Cupping is my favorite bodywork medium. Being able to manipulate the fascia, the muscles, the blood flow and the energetic channels proves itself every time. No wonder some of the top athletes perform their best after a treatment. Though it is not just for you olympians out there it can help in so many scenarios and for so many people as well as for you.

I personally prefer the method of using fire. As I am a fire sign myself, I find myself in my power when I can manipulate fire. The warmth that it brings, the rawness and power behind it. There are many other methods of cupping like suction cups, silicon cups, water cups and bone cups. Keep on reading if you are interested in what Cupping may do for you.

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Quick History:

The practice of Cupping is believed to date back as early as 3000 B.C so its been in practice for thousands of years. The earliest record of cupping is in the Ebers Papyrus, one of the oldest medical textbooks in the world, describes how in 1550 B.C. Egyptians used Cupping which can also be seen in hieroglyphics . Originally, hollowed-out animal horns were used instead of cups, although today, glass cups are preferred because the skin and muscle response can be monitored through the glass. Image result for ancient cupping

About Fire Cupping:

Fire Cupping, with its long history has been used throughout the world since the earliest times. The benefits of Cupping are many: it is non-invasive, it is used for a wide variety of problems, it is simple to perform when taught, and above all it is effective. Cupping has been considered as a remedy for almost every type of disease, as well as an important means of preserving health and preventing stagnation, which usually refers to congestion or accumulation through lack of movement, i.e. food, fluids, Qi (the circulating life force whose existence and properties are the basis of much Chinese philosophy and medicine) or blood.

Fire Cupping can positively influence and speed up the body’s natural healing process. Cupping impacts the flow of blood, lymph and Qi which improves circulation of the cardiovascular system and is very beneficial. It also opens the pores of the skin, thus precipitating the removal of pathogens through the skin itself.

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Cupping May Relieve Symptoms Like:

Muscle Pain
Weakness of muscles
High blood pressure
Some skin conditions
Common cold
Chronic headaches
Stiff shoulders
Low back pain
And much more.

ServicesBanneerTextHow it works:

Warm oil is applied and massaged into the area to be cupped. A cup is drained of air with a flame and then applied to the skin; the suction made by the flame will draw the skin and fascia into the cup as it cools. The cups are left on for a specific amount of time as well as slid across the skin which coaxes blood to the area and promotes localized healing. The cups pull on muscles and fascia, forcing them to release, similar to a deep tissue massage. Cupping marks will take 1-14 days to disappear, make sure to leave yourself plenty of time before a vacation or special occasion ; ).

I could talk about cupping for a long time and I highly recommend it. I hope this is useful for those of you new to and considering fire cupping. Do yourself a favor and book yourself an appointment with your local cupping specialist. I am available for appointments in Tallinn, Estonia and Pärnu, Estonia.