I bring modern folk-healing and ecology to Alternative Wellness as a Practicioner of Natural Medicine in Tallinn and Pärnu, Estonia.

My practice is based on patterning the energetic and physical aspects of this world and the organisms that inhabit it. I focus on teaching self healing methods and achieving a lifestyle based on strong and balanced relations among body, mind, spirit and Earth. I strive to share my own knowledge to help people rewire and rediscover themselves physically, emotionally and/or spiritually.

I specialize in traumas to the physical body that have or may affect mental and emotional wellbeing as well as nervous system disorders. I honor and support the healing journey of those looking to empower themselves and overcome personal obstacles.

I work muti-dimensionally with Herbalism, Bodywork, Touch Therapy, Core Synchonsim, Fire Cupping, Iridology, Healing Diets Nutrition and Naturopathy. The work I offer can be subtle yet powerful in influencing the body’s physical aspects, energy fields and nervous system and must be met with integrity and diligence.

Holistic integration is what I hope to inspire and for you to walk away from a session with the desire and tools to integrate health, wisdom and abundance into your life.

Much Love,