I believe that those who choose to face and transform their emotional and physical scars are ready to challenge the norm and be a force of nature.

Your commitment to yourself will be forever one of the best decisions of your life. When we choose to empower and love ourselves, we can truly begin to empower others and make a subtle yet powerful difference in this world: one person, animal and plant at a time.

As a Folk Medicine Woman, I help you break through barriers and build awareness around yourself through the body and spirit. I assist people along their personal healing journey as well as help and inspire them to recognize their needs to be able to grow and facilitate their own healing process.

I have found this can be accomplished through Herbal Folk Remedies, Therapeutic Bodywork, Energy Work, a Healing Diet, Movement, Sound and Ritual. Through my own experience, culture, compassion and sensitivity, I share my deep passion with individuals as well as groups to inspire them to heal their scars, to tune-in and follow their hearts.

Much Love.