Juulia’s treatments are luxurious as well as effective! She is the one practitioner I know in Boulder who specializes in Cupping therapy which she pairs with massage. I have an old back injury that acted up recently and I went in to see Juulia for cupping and massage and it totally released the old pain. I booked the appointment because I needed help with the pain but I also ended up having a totally relaxing hour on Juulia’s treatment table and felt pampered! ~Alexandra D.

Juulia is a gifted healer. She is able to tune into body subtleties which allows room for deeper healing and relaxation. During the sessions, she works her magic in all the right places, and intuitively knows the spots which need the most love. Each time I have seen her she has given me such wonderful body work, and I leave feeling rejuvenated. Thank you Juulia for your amazing work. ~Amelia P.

Juulia is a warm and grounded practitioner. Whenever I get Core treatments with her, I usually fall asleep! I love working with her. ~Erin H.

Juulia is excellent! Soothing environment, singing bowls, heated massage table, and the most unique relaxing experience I have received in Boulder! Her presence is healing alone. ~Jennifer M.

Juulia is a rare, gifted healer who taps into something very deep and genuine in her sessions – I highly recommend that you experience her authentic, powerful yet gentle healing art for yourself! ~Aaron P.

Juulia is great! One of the best massages I’ve ever had. I have trouble sleeping, and after her massage I slept like a baby throughout that night. I taught at massage school in Atlanta and have received hundreds of massages in my lifetime. Juulia is truly top notch. ~Ryan M.

Juulia has changed my life. As a violinist – I rely on the health of my body to perform. I came to Juulia with many issues in my forearms – I was barely able to play and support myself. After working together for the last 3 months – I am happy to say that I am improving more than I thought I would in such a little time. She has helped transform my diet, mental health, and physical strength. I will continue to work with her as long as I am able! She is amazing. ~Jessica B.

Ahimsa provides a variety of wonderful services that compliment eachother (and your body) very well. She is very knowledgeable, and has supported me and opened my eyes to different ways to take care of my body. Thanks Juulia! ~Dorie B.

I highly recommend Juulia-both as a healer and as someone that healing and health is important. Juulia has several methods that she uses to get to where your individual healing needs to happen. Juulia is passionate about her work and lives a passion through her practice. Juulia has spent years training and continues to grow-both as a practitioner and as a person in her practice. Schedule your appointment with her and you’ll see what I mean! ~Rick S.

My husband and I have been going to Juulia for years, she is next level! My work creates a lot of strain and muscle tension on my body. Juulia has helped me remedy these issues through massage, she also taught me stretches to do at home in between our sessions. Her calming presence and dynamic massage techniques will leave you feeling like a new person! ~Meredith L.

Juulia was AMAZING! She was really in touch with my body and understood the areas I was having pains. She recommended using fire cupping halfway through when she felt certain issues, which as a heads up does leave marks that looks like you were attacked by an octopus. However, she was right, it was just what I needed and I have never felt better! I am definitely going to see her again and would recommend her to anyone! ~Eddie G.

Her Belly dancing class is the best! I always feel so revitalized afterwards and it’s addictive! Not to mention she gives the best massages ever. ~Riley G.

I was a weekly client of Juulia’s for almost a year and I miss her so much since leaving Colorado! Her work along several different modalities made the difference dealing with past car accidents, lifting weights regularly and dealing with everyday stress. I can’t recommend her enough. She has the healing touch. Do yourself a favor and call her. Your body and soul will thank you! ~Frederick C.