Iris Reading & Diagnostics

~ Quick 30 min Iris Reading €60 ~

~ Deeper 60 min Iris Reading & Wellness Consult €85 ~

~ Written Reading and Recomendations are an additional €85 ~

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I am humbled by every set of eyes I get to read! Such a beautiful and unique experience I get to share with the world. No iris is the same and each holds a unique story with strengths, weaknesses and traumas. I use Iridology as a diagnostic tool for recommending Treatments, Healing Diet, Herbs and Vitamins. As well as refering you to a wellness or medical professional/program you might need and helping me create the best coaching program for you as possible!

This is for you, if you are:

  • Seeking insight into your personal physiology and psychology
  • Seeking a fun reading
  • Seeking answers
  • Just curious 

The Iris is directly connected to the brain and is considered the only brain tissue we can see from the outside world. The brain being connected to the rest of the body makes the iris a direct window into the persons brain, body and soul. Thus it is believed the iris holds each unique individuals stories along with their strengths, weaknesses and traumas.

This can be done in person or online. We will start by reading your eyes, or taking th best possible pictures of your eyes and sending them to me. A Quick Iris Reading gives you a taste, I’ll share what I see and give you a few recommendations. In the 60 min reading we get a lot deeper and are able to read, discuss and recommend more. Recommendations like herbs, vitamins, a healing diet, lifestyle changes, treatments. I ask you to take notes but if you are looking for an add-on write-up (breaking down, recorded findings and recommendations) that is a possibility. 

I can’t recommend an Iris Reading enough to anyone interested in their personal psychological, physiological and spiritual wellbeing and growth.

Always for the whole you.

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