Bodywork & Energy Work

with optional

Essential Oil Anointing, Fire Cupping, Core Synchronism and Sound Therapy

~ 60 min $85 ~ 90 min $130 ~ 120 min $170 ~

Relaxing and nourishing to the body, mind and spirit. Integrated styles including: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Ayurvedic, Sports, Shiatsu, Thai Yoga, Reflexology, Lymphatic and Polarity. Each treatment includes hot towels as needed and if desired.

Specialty Work

Fire Cupping… is an Ancient Healing Technique that uses glass cups, acupressure and meridian lines to balance chronic and acute issues. A flame creates a vacuum over the skin and the cups pull on the muscles forcing them to release as well as coax fresh blood to the area. Cupping will leave marks on your skin for 1-15 days, so be prepared. Fire cupping is great for athletes and movement artists wanting to boost endurance and flexibility, anyone with chronic pain who can’t find relief as well as anyone looking for a nice detox.

Essential Oil Anointing… is a rejuvenating and detoxifying treatment which uses 10 different essential oils and blends with different healing properties. They are dropped along the spine of the feet and back like raindrops and are lightly massaged in. An essential oil is the “life blood” of a plant and has such powerful healing abilities. This powerful therapy clears pathogens from the body’s organs and spine. It includes a neuro-auricular and vagal nerve treatment. Great for anyone who has been fighting a chronic illness, wanting a detox and cleanse or just wanting to relax with essential oils.

Core Synchronism… is a new practice that works with polarity therapy, craniosacral therapy and lymphatic. This is a very light touch and intuitive treatment. The body has ancestral wisdom within its bones, blood, lymph and the cerebral spinal fluid. The cerebral spinal fluid and lymph runs throughout the body and there is such a unique healing process to when synchronism of the core is achieved. I am here to help unwind your body so that it can synchronize itself and find balance. Core Synchronism is for anybody looking for deep healing of the body, mind and spirit, both on a physical and energetic level.