Folk Ritual & Movement

Why do we do what we do? Why do we do anything? We are here to experience, to learn, to grow, to feel, to express, to release, to share and to love.

I have found Ritual to be a close friend. I find myself rejoicing that even though I carry scars I can walk, I can run and I can dance, for this I am forever thankful.

I provide experiences for people to move their body’s and experience something greater than themselves. Getting comfortable in their own vehicle.

I help you back to your spirit, purpose and the big picture. Through Ritual, Sound, Movement and Herbs during individual sessions or in groups.

I am the founder of TheraFusion Belly Dance as well as InFusion Dance Collective here in Boulder, Colorado.


TheraFusion Belly Dance is my very own dance style. It incorporates my knowledge of the human body, therapeutic and conscious movement as well as fusion dance/movement styles from around the world with a heavy belly dance influence. Exploring the inner light and shadow while holding sacred space, reconnecting with the Earth and creating an experience that won’t be easily forgotten. Infused with Yogic Poses, Isolations, Pop and Locks, Tribal Style, Folk, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Trance Dance, Qigong, Hooping, Tribal Drums and Fire Performance.


 InFusion Dance Collective is a local alternative dance troupe. I began this group to bring together like-minded performers who want to share their love and knowledge of the art of movement.  We are a group of unique individuals with an amazing array of styles. We incorporate Belly Dance, Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Hooping, Fire Performance and sometimes Ariel Dance. We love to gather, dance, perform and share our love of dance.