Quick Iris Reading & Folk Herbal Remedies

The Iris is directly connected to the brain and is considered the only brain tissue we can see from the outside world. Thus it is believed the iris holds each unique individuals stories along with their strengths, weaknesses and traumas.

We start by reading the eyes and then we can choose a Folk Herbal Remedy that best fits the desired results. I can’t recommend an Iris reading enough to anyone interested in their personal psychological, physiological and spiritual wellbeing and growth.

Always for the whole you.

~ 30 min ~ $60 ~


Deeper Iris Reading & Wellness Consult

Your commitment to yourself will be forever one of the best decisions of your life. When we choose to empower and love ourselves, we can truly begin to empower others and make a subtle yet powerful difference in this world: one person, animal and plant at a time.

Dive deep into your personal wellness with Healing Arts for the whole you, to support, nurture and balance your body, mind and soul. receive a Consult, Iris Reading, Iris Pictures, detailed insight into your unique self and a list of Treatments, Healing Diets, Flower Essences and Herbal Remedies specific to you.

~ 90 min ~ $250 ~