Ahimsa is Sanskrit for “Do No Harm”. The Sanskrit roots ‘hims’ means to strike, ‘himsa’ means to injure or harm and the opposite of that is ‘Ahimsa’- to do no harm. It is one of the cardinal virtues and is held important to Jainism, Hinduism and Buddhism. It means non-violence and compassion and is applied to all living things. It believes that all living beings have a spark of the divine spiritual energy, therefore to hurt another being is to hurt yourself. It believes that violence has karmic consequences. This includes ones deeds, words and thoughts.

It is also a Hippocratic oath that one must take to practice medicine, attributed to the ancient physician Hippocrates. “Premium Non Nocere” is “First, Do No Harm” from Greek Medical texts.

Ahimsa Healing Arts is a practice that believes exactly that. All of the offerings are practices of our ancestors. We believe all life is sacred and therefore we must love ourselves to love others.