Let Us Celebrate Life

Tensions are running high in the world today. We have a tendancy to concentrate on all of the darkness and not easily find the light. With issues around the world, in our country, in your community or even between your family. We take a lot of what we have for granted. Day-to-Day life tasks and resposibilities can distract and bring us further away from happiness and fullfillment. Here are a few tools to bring balance, peace and happiness. Happy Celebrations!


Go To Nature

Go back to our routes when we lived soley on the land. Expereince what is greater than you and the greatest medicine. Natures peacefulness and timelessness quites the nervous system, bringing deep relaxation and healing. When you spend more time in nature your stress-regulating hormone cortisol is balanced. Go, Take Your Shoes Off, Sit, Hike, Run, Swim or Meditate in Nature and Experience the Earths greatest gift of healing and beauty.

Simplify Life

You need the time and space to celebrate yourself and life. Take the steps to create some space in your days to make life a little easier. When you take time to be with yourself you are allowing a new cycle of energy recycle your stagnant energy. You can also impliment this in your physical world with your belongings, shopping trips and cooking.

Selfless Service

Selflessness can improve your mental wellbeing. Some believe this to be empathy when you can understand anothers experience and they feel understood.This deepens or understanding of others. Serve your community and share your gifts with no agenda. You will feel full and grateful, a great celebration and I find this serves me just as much. Seva is Sanskrit for Selfless Service.



Self Care

Connect yourself with what your body is asking for. Learn healthy eating habits, meditative practices, movement practices and allow space for yourself. You will feel yourself living more easily and consiously. Start slowly and do something to lighten up at least once a day. I am vegan, I like to take dance classes, get massages, soak in hotsprings, and meditate.

Educate Yourself

I believe we are on this Earth to learn and with that I mean we are all life-long learners. There are no limits and there are no restrictions to learning. Young and old, reading, listening, experiencing and passion drive humans to educate themselves. Learn about what brings you joy, just do it. In this day and age google and youtube have become great tools for free learning.

Be Enviromental

We are living on this Earth as guests. I believe it to be very empowering to this world and ourselves when we give back to it. There are so many ways of becoming conscious of your footprint. Take responsibility for yourself and make sure to give back by recycling, picking up trash, minimizing your waste, turning toward clean energy, riding your bike more often, and giving back to nature and all of its creatures.

Juulia Ilves NBCTMB

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