The Old Ways to Food

The ancient people and their ways have slowly drifted off into the unknown. Their wisdom runs through our veins, their bones are our bones, we carry on with their knowledge in a world that no longer welcomes or understands it.

The human body is an amazing vessel not unlike the universe, the Earth or a piece of fruit. The elements, earth, air, fire and water balance existence itself. Like everything and everyone, we are composed of the elements. Constitutions and archetypes are what make us different from our brothers and sisters. We all have ancestral and archetypical imprints, and that is what makes you a beautiful and unique individual.

That being said you can understand why the ancients had such an understanding of their bodies and the Earth. They were connected with their primal instinct and intuition, just knowing. You may think this is ignorance but no it’s really about true connection with the divine.

Constitutions are theories on human patterning and the body’s cycles. We all contain all the elements but one or two may be more dominant than others. We strive to balance the elements within ourselves for health and happiness. With a healing diet, herbal remedies, daily practices and physical, mental and emotional growth.

Here is a little insight in what your body might need. Read, enjoy, study further into the topic or set up a time for a consultation.


Earth Beings

Earth beings have fierce endurance, stamina and strength. They are grounded and stable with a slower metabolism and thicker build that stores energy. They carry access weight in the belly. Prone to disease they must keep their immune systems strong.

Eat: leafy greens, light proteins, healthy fats,

Herbs: bitters are great, dandelion, orange peel, organ grape root, mustard, milk thistle, mugwort, burdock, yellow dock and yarrow, alfalfa, cinnamon, cleavers, ginger, hawthorn, nettles and parsley.

Avoid: sugar, dense food, dairy.


Fire Beings

Fire beings have a medium build and height. They are constantly warm with silky hair, strong metabolisms, good digestion and a big appetites. With sharp minds they are good leaders and always wanting to help. They are prone to inflammation.

Eat: grains, vegetables and raw food, seeds, beans and dark leafy greens, nuts and oils in moderation.

Herbs: chicory, chrysanthemum, comfrey, calendula, cumin, dandelion, fennel, gotu kola, hibiscus, linden, marshmallow, motherwort, nettles, clover, red root, skullcap and yellow dock.

Avoid: chocolate, salt, hot spices, coffee, alcohol, meat and nuts.

Doorway (smaller)

Air/Water Beings

Air/Water beings are ruled by motion, change and shift. They are flexible, creative and have lots of energy. They need to schedule meals and keep immunity up. They crave raw foods which effects and cools their joints and muscles. Out of balance they look pale and fragile. They tend to shift to an air nature when they become older.

Eat: root vegetables, dark greens, grains, oats, beans, fruits, nuts, seeds healthy fats and oils.

Herbs: pungent and sweet teas are great, angelica root, cardamom, celery seed, cinnamon, cloves, comfrey, fennel root, gotu kola, fo-ti, ginger, ginseng, sarsaparilla, Solomon’s seal, yerba santa.

Avoid: caffeine, tobacco, alcohol and excess raw foods.

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