Dance/Movement Therapy

All of us have some sort of inner-light, something that connects us with the divine and bliss. Whether it be painting, volunteering, community or dancing.


Dancing and song have been our most personal instruments given to us. Humans have had these gifts since the beginning of time, creating ceremonies and rituals filled with rhythm, song and dance. As a baby in our most innocent and pure state, our bodies and voices are our only form of communication. These are our core connections to the world.

Coming back to this world and letting go of our overzealous stress factors is not easy. Money, responsibility, success and survival have gotten in the way of grounding back into the rhythm of the universe. Love, community, appreciation and sharing are what we have forgotten and need to bring back into existence.

When I think about love, community, appreciation and sharing, I think about Dance. As a professional dancer, I have had the opportunity to explore this realm connecting us to our primal selves through expression often. My love is endless for dance. The community is mesmerizing. The appreciation for my body is empowering and the ability to share my most inner world is magical.

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When we move our bodies to rhythm our minds quiet, our breath and heartbeats connect and our mind, body and soul is engulfed in the energies of the universe. Dance/Movement therapy is an amazing healer and it can involve any form of movement: dance class, yoga, partner dancing, dance party in the living room, going dancing with your friends, etc.

Dance is a meditation. The ability to let go of stress and unwanted energy through dance is transformational. Look at yourself as a whole: Body, Mind and Spirit. The body is the vessel for the mind and spirit. You could just sit there and meditate, which is awesome, or you could stand up and move your body while becoming conscious of your whole self.


Anyone can dance, you don’t need any training you can even have a disability. In fact I was born with a small deformity to my foot. I have been compensating with my whole body and I need to pay extra attention to that when I dance. I remember being told I couldn’t start pointe in ballet because of my foot, I did anyway. I remember all the other children having such an easy time with their feet and I was so ashamed of my scars, I pretended like nothing hurt.

I am blessed. I am blessed that even though I was not dealt the best cards at birth that my body is still able. I am a fighter and when I want something I do it. My body was begging to move and dance. When something is hard you will come out the other side stronger. So go out there and fight for what you want.

Amazing research has been done involving Dance/Movement Therapy with trauma, depression, addiction, eating disorders and Alzheimer’s, just to name a few. Today, many educated individuals, teachers and therapists are using movement to bring themselves or others ease of mind and closer to the deep energies of the universe.

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