The Science & Spirit of the Iris

“Iris is the goddess of the rainbow in Greek mythology, she was also the messenger of the gods in the Iliad.”

Iridology was brought to life around 200 years ago by 11 year old Ignatz Von Peczely of Egervar near Budapest, Hungary. As a young boy he caught and accidentally injured an owl. When they were struggling with each other the boy became mesmerized by the bird’s eyes. He ended up nursing the bird back to good health. The boy and the owl became good friends and the owl stayed around for a few years. He spent those few years observing the bird’s eyes and how they changed as the bird healed. He continued looking into eyes for the rest of his life and that’s how Iridology became what it is today.

The iris is an extension of the brain, being the most complex tissue of the body meeting the outside world. Well it’s true and pretty brilliant. Every one of us has a completely unique eyes just like fingerprints. The Iris is an amazing map to the body and mind. Different organs and parts of the body are reflected in specific parts of the Iris just like reflexology. The right eye relates to the right side of the body and the left eye to the left. The skin and lymph are located at the outer ring of the Iris and the stomach and intestinal tract are right around the pupil.


The Iris is composed of densely structured fine, straight lines, radiating from the pupil when in health. A close grain indicates strong inherited vitality and immunity. When an individual is in poor health the fibers become separated and distorted forming various markings and patterns. Markings that look like a closed lesions indicate where circulation may be stagnant or inflamed. When the lesions are open on one side or both that means circulation is fine but there is a weakness. Markings can mean deficiencies, excess, trauma and illness on the physical, mental and spiritual levels.



Start looking at different Irises. You will begin to notice how different every eye is as well as the similarities. Color is the first thing you tend to notice when looking into somebody’s eyes. Irises can have multiple colors in them. Many people have pigments in different parts of their iris. This can indicate different conditions and pin point the origin or part of the body that needs support. It’s great to get before and after photos of the iris to show you the changes that are taking place. 



The most common weaknesses are Pigments which indicates weakness within a certain part of the body. Almost everyone has them and they really pin point the part of the body in distress. The Lymphatic Rosary is a close second it develops when the lymphatic system is overburdened by waste. We are coming back into an age of the bodies wellness; diet, exercise, relaxation are finally being recognized as the real health care. I imagine if you are reading this article you know this! Nerve rings are also very common, they develop when there is excess nerve tension. We are all a bit stressed and of course you can see that clearly in the iris. Anxiety and depression is sadly at the top of the charts these days.


So many people have been moved by what they discover from an iris reading. Putting the science of the body aside, there is a lot of intuitive and physiological uncovering involved. It’s not all about “don’t do this or that” but also talking about who you are as a unique being on this earth and how you can successfully support your wellbeing. This is where it can be a little more complex and controversial. Over the years that Iridology has been studied people have decided we all have similarities in constitution, health and mental health. So far I know about 12 constitutions and they don’t seem to lie.

This is a fun and exciting way to look into oneself and discover what one’s mind and body needs to feel supported. Get a reading, take a class or just start looking into as many eyes as possible. You won’t regret it! If you are interested in an Iris Reading, I am available in Boulder, Colorado. Otherwise look into local options. Happy learning.

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