Beat. Beat. The beat of a drum.

Beat. Beat. The beat of a drum.

Drumming and rhythm are a primal comfort. The first sound we ever hear is our mothers heart beat in the womb. We find comfort and security within a rhythmic beat because it’s a part of our oldest memories.
When drumming you begin to synchronize the drum to your natural rhythm. You can control your heart rate with the drum which begins our discussion on how drumming is therapeutic.
The world is composed of vibrating energy and the drums vibration resonates with our body’s vibration. The rhythm aligning and healing your body’s energies and vibrations. The pulse of the world is at the same frequency as our mind which is called Harmonic Resonance. Our ancestors drummed for therapeutic purposes and so should we.



Beat. Beat. The beat of a drum.

I began to trade bodywork for private tribal drumming lessons when I discovered it. Music and percussion being apart of my youth, I was so easily captured by the beat of tribal drums. I studied Tribal and Middle Eastern dancing from an amazing women named Shoshana Des Chenes a few years back and learned to play the Doumbek drum from her husband Frederick Des Chenes. I was encompassed in the world of rhythm through both dance and the drums. These practices have brought me joy, peace, energy, wisdom, purpose and clarity.
I’ll admit, I love to meditate but I really don’t like to sit still, so I’ve found a lot of difficulty with many meditations. When I found tribal dancing and drums it was a dream come true I had my tools for meditation. I found a lot of joy and wisdom learning all about these practices but I’ve also found such peace in the sacred space and healing of rhythm through dance and drums.

FullSizeRender (1)

Beat. Beat. The beat of the drum.

Drumming is an amazing enhancing tool for meditation. You are rocked and encompassed by the sound vibrations awakening the mind, body and soul. You’re able to focus and process old emotions while finding inner love, light and wisdom. The drum has a way of taking us on a deeply healing journey. Allowing you the sacred space to feel, process and release painful emotions.
There are no rules to drumming mostly when its solely for yourself. We just need to express ourselves so beat what you feel, your personal natural rhythm. Drumming will elevate, energize, inspire and connect you with the Earth. You won’t find many sacred rituals or healing ceremonies without a drum. Drumming in a group can also be a very powerful and profound experience, vibrating through your whole body. The rhythm of your peers, yourself, the drums and the world beating as one.

Beat. Beat. The beat of a drum.

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