Detect Toxic People

Being open hearted can make you more vulnerable to toxic people making their way into your life. You must master being open hearted yet protected.

Many toxic people get attracted to open hearted people because of their heart and spiritual energy radiating out. So, sadly yes those of you out their with a gigantic hearts and loving auras might have some people they just can’t get rid of.

Most toxic people have problems of their own and want someone to fix it for them or distract them. Don’t forget about the open hearted… They too carry many secrets and insecurities.

Like many kids, when I was a teenager I was extremely open hearted, too open hearted. I trusted and loved everyone, which after a few years tore me apart. I became extremely over protective of myself and ended up not socializing as much as before. A few years later I was able to balance my heart and not allow toxic people into my life while still staying true to myself.

How Do You Detect Toxic People?
-Own And Express Your Feelings
One of the hardest things can be to put yourself first, your needs are very important. Being able to let go and not push your needs aside is very freeing. Yes, society has put us into neat little boxes as men and women. Though we are very capable of finding our true self and expressing real emotions. Learn to say NO to situations and people that don’t work for you. Surround yourself with good quality people that you trust and love.

– Trust Your Gut
Intuition is a deep primal energy that every creature on this planet is gifted with. Your gut might flutter, your heart may skip and your hands could shake. We have all have felt this before. Intellectually driven individuals may have a harder time feeling intuition than someone who is more spiritually driven. Learning to connect yourself to the Earth and its primal energies will help your gut intuition grow.

-Actions Vs. Words
Do you feel like you are in a one sided relationship and that you are always bending over backwards? Do they talk the talk, charm you and then end up hurting you? Actions speak louder than words! The people that take positive action in your life are meant to be there not the people who continuously disappoint and hurt you. Learn to look at people through their actions not words.

-Who Are They?
Are they kind people or do they seem out of character? These people can be very good at hiding their true selves from others and that’s why it’s smart to work on your friend-dar! Usually you can guess they are a toxic person when they become manipulative, mean or violent. Sometimes people can just have an awful day and fuck up. Being able to read people’s true intention is very important.

-Who Do They Associate With?
As you grow older you loss patience for nonsense and slowly decide to let go of all the toxicity in your life. People have reasons for associating themselves with the right or wrong people. This can help you decide if the person is toxic or not.

Learn to trust yourself, the world and your boundaries while staying true to yourself. A few ways to get in-tune with yourself may include: meditation, dance, yoga, massage, soak or a retreat.