Sacred Plant Medicine

Sacred plant medicine has been put on this Earth for a reason! To reconnect us with nature, the divine and our souls. Plants are full of powerful healing and magical medicine. They have covered the Earth’s surface from the beginning and they are very wise.

Unlike humans, a plant grows without any doubts to fulfill its divine purpose. Sadly, people have lost touch with their purpose and have become very isolated and independent. Simply put, the masses have become very distracted by their everyday lives, forgetting about taking care of themselves, the Earth and their higher purpose.

Doorway (smaller)

We can get trapped behind our walls and egos which ends up disconnecting us from the world. Some people fear taking care of themselves properly. Start out small and you will notice the difference. You will notice how thankful your body is after a little sacred plant medicine. Everything else in your life will flow with ease just because you have settled yourself.

Sacred plant medicine can help bring you back to this Earth with its sacred wisdom. Here are a few ways to use plants: herbal baths, steams, essential oils, tinctures, teas, directly on the skin, plant brushing, powders, flower essences etc. Visit your local herbal apothecary or book an appointment with a local holistic practitioner.

You want to make sure you are taking care of yourself as whole. Mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically. You should strive to be in balance with your body, the community, the Earth and the divine. You want to be strong and balanced as a whole. This shouldn’t be feared as many do.

Start thinking of things that bring you joy, excitement, relaxation and/or comfort. Here are a few ideas to get you started: keep a journal, play an instrument, get a massage, take a dance class, take baths, go out in nature, join a community, do yoga out in nature, sit near a plant that has attracted you and/or draw. You should begin to do these activities every day along with sacred plant medicine.

Sacred Plant Medicine is “your personal healthcare provider”. It is not a bad idea to take your health into your own hands or the hands of a holistic practitioner. I hope this little bit of information has inspired you to take a second and evaluate what you can do to help yourself.

Many blessing.

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