Aging Harmoniously

Aging harmoniously is no easy task. It takes patience and practice. Thinking of your body as a temple is the way to health and being healthy leads to aging harmoniously. We are all here for a short amount of time, make it worth it. Here are a few ways to get started:


Avoid Smoking- I don’t have to tell you smoking causes cancer, heart disease, hardens arteries and causes wrinkles. Smoking is not for you if you want to age harmoniously :b. If you need to quit seek help from people you trust or a professional. You can do it!
Healthy Weight- Half of the US population is overweight. We are what we eat. Learning more about what you are eating and how to cook is the answer. Take a workshop on nutrition and/or a cooking class. Eating out less, eating less food and eating quality food that you prepared is what could help shed that extra weight.
Sunscreen- Always wear sunscreen, even for 15 min of exposure you need 15 SPF. You will receive your vitamin D with no harm. The suns rays are most damaging before the age of 18. It’s best to use an organic brand that doesn’t use any harsh chemicals.
Proper Diet- Add fruits, veggies and whole grains for fiber, calcium, iron, magnesium and vitamins. Take a class on how to prepare your favorite meal or have a family/friend dinner night. Make it fun and delicious. Eating right doesn’t have to be hard, it seems most people get in their own way.
Exercise Regularly- As we age our bones become weaker if they aren’t subject to weight bearing exercising. After the age of 30 we lose 1/3 of a pound of muscle per year. It’s important to keep yourself healthy, strong and flexible. Find something you truly enjoy and stick to it, you will be thankful later.
Coping Skills- It’s not what’s actually happening, it’s how you react. Everyone and everything has to cope to their surroundings, the things they can’t control. Flow like water, gust like the wind, ground like the Earth and roar in laughter like the Fire.
Maintain Strong Relationships- Crucial to growing older. Having people in your life who make you feel loved and cared for can enhance your mental wellbeing. Be a humble friend, have a family game night or weekly friends outing.
Reduce Anxiety- How do you calm yourself? Many factors can contribute to anxiety: trauma, chemical sensetivity, caffeine, heredity, drugs, alcohol and lifestyle choices. Anxiety has become leading issue among today’s people. Stay away from stimulants and find some method that allows you relaxation, body and mind. Massage, yoga, dance and gardening are a few ideas.
Laugh- Learning how to cope, humor is the best medicine. Smiling more has been proven to improve mood. Smile a lot, laugh out loud and play games. You might be grown up but that doesn’t mean you can’t smile and laugh. 😀
Continue Your Education- Learn something new about the world, maintain a playful spirit and find new friends and hobbies. Time never stops. I believe in life-long learners. Keeping your mind sharp and learning new things can be key to harmonious aging.

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