Creating a Humane Backyard

Creating a humane back yard is all the rage right now. Not only because of the internet but because of how the world is changing. You could have a little yard or even live in a condo with a balcony, like me. It really makes a lot of sense to create an environment where you welcome all creatures. If you decide to go humane you will start having lovely encounters with ladybugs, bees, butterflies and hummingbirds just to name a few. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

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-Having a watering hole or bird bath will keep your little friends hydrated and liven up your outdoor space. It’s our responsibility and should be our pleasure to support the wildlife. Get creative and fill a shallow pan with rocks and water.

-Learn about your local plants. What likes to grow where you live? What plants attract animals and insects? Plant as much as you can, pollinators are attracted lots of green. If you have a backyard it is recommended to let it go wild. Spread some seeds from native plants to help the process.

-Plant some food for your new friends. Plant native species that provide berries, seeds, pollen, nectar and foliage for wildlife. Make sure you have plants that bloom throughout the year and find ones that feed more than one species.

-Look at your environment. I have a balcony that deals with a lot of sunlight and wind so the best plants to plant are ones that grow on ridgetops and the coast. Consider what plants want to be planted with each other.

-Provide shelter. A close-up view of nature at work. Adding birdhouses, bushes and small trees will offer cover and nesting areas. The birds in the birdhouse might be loud now and then but being able to help a fellow creature is worth it. Enjoy your new friends. Always be aware of who is living there and respect and protect them.  People around the globe have been getting creative, a woman in Seattle decided to make an old spice rack into an insect home.


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