Your Body Is Trying To Tell You Something

Do you have pains you can’t explain. Your body might actually be trying to tell you something. Here is a list of body regions with a short description to inspire you to listen.


1. Pain In Your Head like headaches and migraines, can be caused by the stresses of day to day life. Your headaches may just be the result of taking on too much. Taking time out to relax and take a load off. Go on a well deserved vacation or spa day.

2. Pain In Your Neck could be an indication of having trouble with forgiveness of others or yourself. You may be judging yourself to harshly. Make a list of all the things you love about yourself. If you are feeling guilty about something you’ve done to someone else, it might be time to apologize and clear the air. Loving yourself and finding forgiveness may be the answer.

3. Pain In Your Shoulders may indicate that you’re carrying a burden. ‘Shouldering a problem’ is all too real and this is exactly what we’re doing when our shoulders tense up and cause pain. This may be the perfect time to let someone else help you. If you are taking on more than your fair share of the burden let your co-worker or partner know you need a little help.

4. Pain In Your Upper Back may indicate that you’re coping with lack of emotional support. This would be a great time to reach out to loved ones and strengthen your relationships. If you’re single, it might mean it’s time to get back out there. A little bit of love will go a long way.

5. Pain In Your Lower Back may mean you’re worrying a lot about money, or lacking in emotional support. Similar to the lack of emotional support causing upper back pain, the lack of financial support may be causing your lower back pain. It might be time to ask for that overdue raise at work and to take a look at your spending habits.

6. Pain In Your Elbows has to do with resisting changes in your life. Stiffness in the elbow may mean you are being too stubborn in your daily life. This might be the time to compromise on an argument or try out that new spa your friends have been suggesting. Begin to change and compromise.
7. Pain In Your Hands could mean that you haven’t been reaching out enough. An inability to connect with others may be causing the pain. Work on making new friends, meet the new neighbors go out with a co-worker instead of alone. Reconnect with the world.
8. Pain In Your Hips could be a sign that you’re very resistant to changes. The hips may just be telling you that you’re resistant to moving forward or making major decisions. Do those things you always wanted to but couldn’t decide on, like writing a book or starting a business. Time to get unstuck and move forward.
9. Pain In The Knees can be many different things but usually it’s a sign of a big ego. You may be giving yourself too much credit right now, which quickly can get in the way. Chronic knee pain may be because of an overactive ego. Practice being humble, give complements and resist the urge to brag.
10. Pain In Your Calves is likely to be emotional tension of some kind. Jealousy and/or resentment may be causing the emotional tension. Time to let go of old grudges and jealousies. Let it go, it is not worth another second of your time!
11. Pain In The Ankles might mean that you’re depriving yourself of pleasure. You may be resisting the more pleasurable aspects of life. Have some chocolate or go to the spa. Indulge yourself a little more, pleasure may defeat pain!
12. Pain In Your Feet can be a sign of depression. Too much negativity and not enough joy may be causing your chronic foot pain. You need to let go of those negative feelings you are holding onto and this can’t always be done alone. Make sure to surround yourself by beauty, things you love and seek support.

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