Have You Thought of Yourself Today?

Have you thought of yourself today?
I have heard it all. I don’t have time, I don’t have the patience or maybe I don’t deserve it! Many have misconceptions of wellness. People will look to wellness in their most desperate moments instead of as a preventative measure.

I understand how chaotic life can be. You maybe a parent, working full time, worried about finances, or just a poor college kid. All of these are good excuses, but they are just excuses! You are the only one who can take care of yourself. Wellness does not discriminate, we all need it.

Wellness is the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health. Don’t get me wrong, saying you are going to do something is great but actually doing it is a reward of it’s own. Start thinking about what makes you feel decompressed, what allows you to breathe easy and what makes you feel good, mind and body!


Here are a couple ideas:

-Take a BATH. Light some candles, play some music, dim the lights and meditate. Close the door so your family knows this is your private time. You could possibly add herbal teabags, epsom salts, coffee or essential oils to the bath.

-Go DAY CAMPING. Pack up the car with some shelter, water, food and a hammock. Now find some nature, bring your hobbies and have a great day.

-Book that APPOINTMENT. Have you been putting of going to the chiropractor or getting a massage? Take a spa day! Why not let someone else deal with those knots.

-Take that CLASS. Have you been hearing about an amazing yoga class? Go try it out. Nothing feels better then accomplishing a movement class.

-Create a SACRED SPACE. Everyone should have one! Some place at home that is 100% yours, comfortable and beautiful. This space could be used for deep thought, meditation, movement art or hobbies.

Now make a list of those things that you would enjoy to do on your own.
Remember you are important and it’s not a bad thing to do something for yourself now and then.


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