New Years Resolutions for 2015!

Oh yes, it is 2015! That means in 5 years it will be 2020… Oh jeez. Well, what did you decide on for your New Year’s resolution? Every year we all think about this, some set their goals and some just look at it as a weird tradition that doesn’t really matter. Well, I can agree on all accounts though I would love to remember 2015 as the year that I put myself first. I’ve aways had issues about this and this year, my 23ed year on Earth, I have decided to help myself grow. As a bodyworker, I am the healing hands that my clients look to to relieve their stresses and aches. This is just what I do, I love to put people ahead of myself, even outside of my career. I would be more conscious of myself and I could probably help my clients even more if I decided to put myself first in my personal life.


Now something that is important to remember is that yes, these resolutions can be looked at as small and seem trivial. The beauty behind choosing one small thing to concentrate on is that it will impact your life far beyond what you imagined. If you choose the right resolution for you at this time not a day or a week will go by that you will not remind yourself of it. So make sure to be completely open with yourself when choosing what you would like to conquer.

Heres a nice long list I have put together from many peoples resolutions to inspire you to make 2015 the year you take control:

-Start Journaling- Writing of any kind can be a true journey. This is a way to learn about yourself and to let your emotions, thoughts and ideas flow and not just be bottled up.

-Meditation- Or quiet time for some. Taking time to sit still, close your eyes and breathe. It can be life changing for some and can be the hardest thing for others.

-Soak with Epsom Salts- Always a must. Take care of that beautiful body you have been given. A soak with epsom salts will melt away your aches and relax your mind.

-Develop a Sleep Ritual- Keeping to a schedule is the smartest way to keep your sleeping tight and your day filled with energy.

-Stop Being Mean to Yourself- We are our own worst enemies. Instead of bringing yourself down with negativity, bring yourself up with positivity. You are beautiful, smart and a badass in your own way and thats awesome!

-Go Somewhere You Have Never Gone Before- Take that time off that you’ve been wanting for awhile and go to that place that has always called you.

-Quit That Shit Job- Seriously, if you don’t like your job it has to go. This might take a little more thought before you go ahead with it though its a smarter move to fight for that job that would excite and challenge you.

-Focus On Being Healthy- Not the pounds or calories. Choose local and organic food, cook for yourself and others, choose an exercise that excites you. Drink water and  remember to breathe.

-Cut Bad People Out of Your Life- If you hangout with people who bring you or others down, you might want to reconsider their friendship. There is no need to allow that into your life. You can choose.

-Learn a New Skill- As we get older we can be stuck in our ways and daily routines. Learning something new can bring a new found love, hobby or profession.

-Meet New People- It is such a good skill to know how to start a conversation. You can make lifelong friends at times least expected to you.

-Live Without Regret- And don’t look back. Keep yourself moving forward and Do You. There is no point in letting the past dictate your future.

-Stop Caring About What Others Think of You- It’s quite pointless to care about what others think of you. Still all of us tend to at some point or another. You are not living for them, you are living for you.

-Learn to Cook- A fantastic skill to have in life. Cooking your food will help you become healthier and save money. Learn the basics and learn how to make your favorite dishes.

-Help Others- Volunteer your time to a cause important to you. You could also just choose to be a helpful in your daily life. Hold doors, ask if you can help, shovel walks, babysit for a needy family.

-Learn to Embrace Failure- Failure shows that you tried. Failure is not “giving up”. Know that it’s worse when you give up a dream. Its far better to remember you tried than just to have walked away.

-Stay Off Your Phone In The Company of Others- It’s just rude, you might as well be home and not around anyone. Talk to your friends.

-Shop Locally- Help your communities economy. I rather strengthen my community and know where my money is going.

-Take The Stairs- If you are capable. Your body is meant to move not stand around. Taking only stairs will promote your health.

-Express Yourself- Don’t bottle it up. Let everything flow. Cry, rant, love, write, draw or dance. Find your expression and just let it happen.

-Read- Open your mind to ideas and stories. Pulling out a book is a way to expand your mind and be apart of the authors story.

-Establish a Personal Mission Statement- This is a wonderful way to be more thorough with your resolutions. Make sure you see it everyday.

-Ask For Help- Learn to be comfortable with yourself and know you don’t know everything. We all excel with certain things and can become a student to learn something new. Most people are delighted to help.

-Be Proactive- Think before you speak or react. You can choose what you care about. Instead of concentrating on something negative put it towards something positive.

-Start Your Day by Expressing Gratitude For What You Have- This is a fantastic way to start appreciating what you have and change your outlook on life.

-Share- Share your feelings and knowledge with people. We are a species who loves to tell our stories as well as listen to others. Also sharing our luxuries with others makes us feel good.

-Live In The Moment- Remember why you are here. Not to work to hard, not to always sit still, not to always be alone. Sometimes you need to step out of your box to live fully in the moment.

-Stop Procrastinating- If you have gotten this far, you obviously believe you need to grow somehow. Acknowledging you want to work toward something is the first step. Then step by step it will become apart of you.

With Love.

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