Why To Consider Spa Therapies

Spa therapies benefit the skin, circulatory system, lymphatic system as well as benefit you psychologically. Not many people take advantage of going to a spa for reasons apart from pampering. Getting a treatment the day before your wedding or on vacation is more normal than regular treatments. All spa therapies have specific products, ingredients and techniques for the best suited treatment for you.

Here are some great spa therapies to try:

Hydrotherapy is the use of water either above or below normal body temperature. Using both hot and cold therapies at the same time stimulates the body and increases circulation. Hot water should be used for at least 4 minutes, while cold should be used for less than 1 minute and no longer than 30 minutes when coupled together. Examples of some hydrotherapy treatments are the use of a hot tub, hotsprings, cold plunge or a viche shower.


Body Scrubs can vary between salt, sugar and herbal which increases circulation with no increase in body-temperature. The chemical irritation of the scrub increases nerve and sebaceous activity which removes superficial skin. The ingredients in scrubs softens the skin by causing osmosis of fluids toward the superficial tissues.

Body Wraps tend to use mud, clay or seaweed as a treatment ingredient. These ingredients are anti-bacterial, promote tissue repair, improve circulation, and decrease inflammation. Minerals in the body wraps remove toxins while reducing congestion and discomfort of the body. When heat is used there will be a rise of white blood cells in the bloodstream, as circulation increases and a production of antibodies which improves immune and cellular function. No heat should be applied to an acute injury for the first 72 hours.

Sauna relieves stress at high temperatures and allows you to sweat out toxins within the body. It relaxes muscles and relieves tension in muscles and joints, fights illness, burns calories, improves cardiovascular performance, flushes toxins and cleanses the skin. By far my favorite part of my wellness regimen.

These ancient therapies are becoming more innovative every day and should be used not as a luxury but as self-care. Make sure to experience some spa time not only on that special occasion but for yourself. Enjoy.

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