Balance Your Fitness Regimen with Massage

Whenever someone is thinking about getting back into shape, it usually starts with deciding they need to take some responsibility and action. Do you decide to get a gym membership? Go for a run every morning? Go on a diet? Yoga classes? Dance classes?

Usually fitness entails building muscle mass, keeping body fat in check, eating a healthy diet, improving cardiovascular health and so on. Now what a great start to better one’s self, right? Well, yes and no, I find that many people get stuck in the action of movement and that they do not benefit if they are only tackling their body. One’s mental and emotional wellness does contribute to one’s overall fitness. You could imagine that a more balanced fitness regimen would allow you to work smarter, better and faster.


Massage is a perfect addition to your fitness venture not only because it increases circulation and has a calming effect on the nervous system, but by considering your minds wellness as well you can hurdle any issues that may come up. Someone who works out 5 days a week on top of a full-time job might want to consider adding a passive form of fitness to their lives, such as massage. Your body can be more prone to injury with such intense and frequent fitness. Massage and its many different modalities help athletes and practicioners of the movement arts. avoid chronic issues, heal past injuries and even bring a mental calm that focuses and boosts performance. Massage can protect and keep your body healthy, so that you can keep up with your own lifestyle.

Yes, taking some time out of your week might seem like a lot but when you find yourself sleeping better, working harder, looking and feeling healthier you will be thanking your massage therapist for improving all your hard work and life. Time for you to have a nice break and recover from all the hard work by taking time for yourself.

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