Keep Happy and Healthy by Understanding Your Boundaries

Everyone in the world tends to have a time in life when they are feeling burnt out. Many tend to even give up and look for an alternative, which is not always a bad idea as long as you hold understanding and/or passion behind your intentions. Though that’s not the idea here. Where ever you are, whoever you are you, by understanding your boundaries you are allowing yourself a fresh, professional and laidback demeanor and lifesyle.

Know and trust the people you are around. Do you know who you love and trust? Or maybe people who are not in your best interest? Don’t allow yourself difficult situations with people who “don’t really matter”. Let’s think of this more in a business aspect. It’s definitely important to be able to balance your work life and home life. All of us at one point or another will have times when everything falls thru and goes to shit.

Maybe you’re a freelancer or own your own business. Understanding who your ideal client is or creating a niche will allow your marketing efforts to go toward the people you are looking to work with. Maybe you’re a photographer who loves photographing senior shoots, and you hold photography parties for them to come with their friends. Possibly you’re an artisan potter who is looking to sell your work to the wealthy around town, and you decide the way to do that is have monthly events for older wealthy and retired individuals. Make sure to be clear about what you do with your web presence and when talking with potential clients. This can help your client and you feel respected and comfortable.


Here is another thing I believe with every ounce of my being! Refer work out when there is too much on your plate or you think a business friend across town would offer your client the best suited treatment or work. People get a little weird about referring for some reason. I’ve been given a funny looks before for example: I referred a female client to a business friend because she was interested in fertility massage. Something I only know so much about, but I had a friend who I knew could be a perfect match due to her experience with fertility massage. Not only am I giving the client far more than they expected. I am respecting my industry and my work, even though they might have to schedule another appointment with them. Also by referring one of your own clients your business friend might be far more willing to send some your way. This really works, massage therapist to massage therapist, photographer to photographer, artist to artist knowing what your good at and what other people are good at can only help your business, industry and local market.

Something important to remember is not to take anything “too seriously”. Step back, take a breath and remember to allow yourself space to understand your intentions and what you’re doing. Maybe you work behind the computer most of the day or maybe you’re seeing clients hourly, do you ever notice yourself get overwhelmed, maybe for something that doesn’t even matter? No matter who you are, being strong mentally and emotionally is important when it comes to your work. Allowing yourself happiness and health through balance no matter what’s going on around you. Listen to yourself and help yourself.

Don’t become drained due to always saying “Yes”. Sometimes saying “No” is ok. You are important too, notice things that are not in your favor. If you feel like you give too much to your friends, boss or clients usually there is something that can and should be done by you that will end up in everyone’s favor. And now that you have gotten this far into this you are the only one who can start changing your life. I’m not saying get lazy and/or aggressive, most likely you will need to work harder and smarter to find your health and happiness. Don’t give up, we are all in this together. Keep happy and healthy by understanding your boundaries.

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