Aim Past The Target

Just recently the words “Aiming past the target” have collided with me. Setting goals for yourself is always a good idea, but why not open yourself to go above and beyond? Think about it, when an artist sells one of his pieces, achieving a goal, why not fly past the target and introduce themselves to the buyers? This definitely wouldn’t hurt their chances of clients introducing friends or family to their work. That artist not only sold their piece but did a little marketing by taking some extra time to get to know the market! There are so many ways to introduce this into your life, you just have to start paying attention. This isn’t really supposed to be about marketing, but believe me if you “aim past the target” your marketing skills will improve and some amazing things can happen for you personally as well as for your career.


Ok, so you do need to have a clue of what you’re doing! And you need a goal. These goals can be small, for instance; you’ve really been wanting to start to run, and you have a dog who needs to be walked a couple times a day, what about a run with your furry friend? Now, that is a more day to day decision, let’s talk bigger.  Someone who is a blooming writer gets the opportunity to publish a piece in a national magazine. Target Hit. People love talking and connecting with people alike, and by connecting with the editor and his staff, they were invited to an exclusive event with many well know names and faces. Now if you were in their shoes wouldn’t you go to this event with amazing writers and people alike to network with? Hell yeah! You will be surprised with the opportunities that arise.

“Aiming past the target” is something that once brought up to you, you will never forget because of how much it can change you and the world around you. This isn’t easy, you might need to step out of your comfort zone and get a bit more comfortable with the other side of the box.

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