Confidence vs. Superiority

Who out there has ever been looked down upon or degraded? As far as I can tell it has been everybody, possibly even the person who put you down that one time! Most men and women from every age, race, and background can say they have experienced this. Many people get a feeling of superiority when they put others down. Luckily some of us have close friends or family who empower and support us, if not, you may want to reach out a bit.



I recently had a similar experience myself that I wanted to share. I work as a massage therapist part time at a local massage clinic, where I have been practicing for over a year. I had a gentlemen come in for a massage, and when I introduced myself he was obviously unimpressed. He was nice enough to let me finish my consultation, and when I asked if he had any questions for me, he asked in a rough tone, “How long have you been doing this?”(not too bad, right?) and then added, “I don’t want a rub.” I very politely told him about my training and experience reassuring him of my professionalism. And as soon as the massage started, he didn’t have another complaint.

Let me get to the point; though this was a difficult situation, it was also a great learning experience as well as a great business opportunity. My client ended up loving his massage and telling me after that he didn’t expect it to be so great. This isn’t the only time this has happened. I am a young professional woman who works primarily as a massage therapist. I have also been in the process of opening my own business and have already gotten my fair share of being judged poorly before I could even speak a word. Who knows why this actually is? Is it that I’m a woman, because I’m young, or because I haven’t been in the business for 10+ years? Probably, all of the above, right?!

Confidence is always important even when you are not feeling 100%.  If you’re not feeling confident, go find something that inspires you, so you can become more confident or do something you are confident about. There are also many resources that can be very helpful: Online, book stores and friends and family can all give you ways to boost your self-esteem. Keeping that chin up even when people doubt you and learning from the experience will help to better yourself and your business. Here is my advice to you: you are the only one who knows your true self and your personal business, make sure to allow it to shine through those dark clouds of doubt. Everybody and every story is different, and I hope reading about my experience is helpful for those few out there who struggle as young professionals.

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